Rainbow Mountain, Nevado Auzangate, Peru


Britttany Rediger is a creative producer, visual designer, and photographer who resides in the Central District of Seattle, WA.  In 2011 she graduated with a BFA in Photography from San Jose State University and shortly after picked up and moved from the Silicon Valley to the Emerald City.

For the past five years Brittany has supported Microsoft Devices Visual Design Team as a Design Producer in Redmond, Washington.  She works closely with the design leadership team, industrial designers, engineers, and marketers to bring Microsoft Surface devices to life through keynotes, launch videos, and photography.

Her free time is spent backpacking in the summer and skiing in the winter and generally soaking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  When given the opportunity she'll gladly hop on a plane and travel the world but more recently she's been staying close to home, exploring the National Parks on road trips with her husband.  When home you can find her in the garden or tinkering away in her office on a sewing project.


Available for freelance, CV available upon request.